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Aquatic Weed Management

Aquatic plants are an important part of the ecosystem in rivers, waterways and lakes. They provide food and a safe habitat for animals as well as helping to reduce the erosion of riverbanks and absorb pollution. Some plants may have been deliberately introduced for ornamental reasons; some appear out of the blue, this maybe for a number of reasons.

Aquatic plants only become aquatic weeds when they grow excessively and spoil the appearance and quality of the watercourse.

Invasive aquatic weeds cause the following problems:

  • Increased risk of flooding and water logging of land that can persist even when the weed has appeared to die back
  • Silting up of watercourse impeding flow and increasing the need for dredging
  • Invasive weeds interfere with boats, fishing and other forms of recreation
  • Weeds and algae can become detached and float downstream blocking pumps, sluices and filters
  • Some aquatic weeds can deoxygenate water killing fish and other aquatic animals as well as causing serious odour problems
  • Rapid growth of aquatic weeds suppresses other species of aquatic plants

Control of aquatic weeds doesn’t need detailed knowledge of every aquatic plant but applying the following principles:

Identifying the weed – see our section on the different weeds to help you identify what you have.

Habitat and lifecycle of the aquatic weed – where and how the weed grows

Cause of the weed problem – is it run-off from neighbours or your site

Timing of weed control – when is the best time of the year to take action

Cutting and gathering of the aquatic weed and / or applying approved herbicide – use of the correct tooling and applying herbicide at the most appropriate time and quantity.

For more information on our Aquatic Weed Raking system click here.

At Ponds UK we offer a full “Hands-on” service and consultation package to help you deal with your weed and plant issues. We understand it can be a daunting task and with our support we plan to make it all a little easier to manage.

Common Aquatic weeds – (Click the images for more information)

Australian Swamp Stonecrop Floating Pennywort
Canadian Pondweed Parrots Feather
Spiked Water Milfoil
Curley Waterweed
Duckweeds-Lemna-species Water Starworts (Callitriche spp.)

We supply all equipment and our services to anyone Domestic and Commercial throughout the United Kingdom. For more information, advice about any of our products or construction / maintenance / fishery and consultancy services, please email info@pondsuk.com or call 0845 8680474